Chris Winters and guide Anees Baht hiking to summit before skiing Gulmarg in Kashmir



Quality skiing is found throughout the west coast of North America from Mexico to Alaska. There are many ski resorts that offer a variety of terrain and snow quality. For those willing to put a little work into their ski trip, there is also a large amount of options accessible in the backcountry or by helicopter. Many of the resorts are owned or partnered by a few companies making it easy to visit several resorts using a single pass. There is even some decent skiing in the northeast located near to the metropolitan population centers of New York – Boston – Philadelphia.

Chris Winters skiing in powder while Heli-skiing in Valdez, Alaska during Tailgate Alaska festival



While not commonly thought of as a place famous for skiing, several parts of Asia are developing into a destination for the sport. Japan is becoming very popular for powder hounds craving consistently deep powder. With the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China is pushing the sport to its massive population. And while remote, there is several world class ski spots found throughout the Himalayas and periphery mountain ranges.

Max viewing the mountains in Courchevel in 3 Vallees, France



The birthplace and home to skiing, Europe has tall, steep mountains with gigantic resorts stretching out over huge amounts of land. With so many local cultures from country to country and town to town, there is great local food, beer/wine and culture in each location. And Europe definitely has the best Après Ski (party scene) is the best in the world. Many resorts and towns in the Alps are known for their glamour and ritz while others attract the most extreme and daring in the ski scene. For many countries in Europe, skiing is the equivalent to baseball in America as an integral part of their identity.

Chris Winters and Paul hiking up to ski the Super C couloir in Portillo, Chile



One of the more further away locations for most skiers, South America becomes the epicenter for the sport during the summer in the northern hemisphere. The Andes, the mountain chain in South America, rise sharply from the Pacific coast to altitudes almost 7000 meters high. As a result, the peaks are quite vertical resembling parts of the Alps in Europe. The resorts are small in size but have access to incredible terrain with some of the best couloirs in the world. The South American culture adds a relaxed, casual environment to the experience.


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